Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Zygotes, P.E.S.T., and JesusLand

Well the claws are out girls and boys, and I'm sure you've noticed. In my short time on this Earth I've never seen Christianity, or Christians come under a more direct, public, or intense assault.

The secular left is beside itself. It's fed up, and By-Hubbard they ain't gonna take it anymore.

From the JesusLand maps, to the consistent screams on talk radio, and idiot TV, we hear the same repeated theme. "This country is not ruled by religion!"

Interestingly, when they say "religion" what they really mean is "Christianity". In America, the vast majority of atheists are born of some perceived injustice of the church, not some enlightened view of the world. The biggest evidence to this is the fact that they so eagerly embrace and respect every other religion in the world. It's only Christianity they truly hate. So much for that enlightenment...

I know I know... What's this got to do with the current assault?

The root of this current bile is in the election. You can't under-estimate how devastating that loss was to them. Let me put it in perspective. Imagine you're locked in a room. The only way out is a door that's locked and barred from the other side. You plot and plan. You work your butt off. You spend every ounce of energy you have, and finally, you devised a plan, and constructed a device which will bring the door down. You're excited. You've worked hard, and you're about to be free. When the time comes, you hit your switch, or twist your knob, or whatever it is your device has... then... ***BOOM***

And when the dust settles... The door is still there... Not even scratched.

In the liberal mind, they've taken their best shot, and they failed. In fact, it wasn't even particularly close. This has left them reeling. It affects these people so badly that the American Mental Health Institute has classified Post Election Selection Trauma as a real mental health issue. Liberals are crazy. Well, at least that's something on which we can agree.

The liberal nutcase has been left groping in the dark for an explanation. Why don't we agree with them? Why are we so stupid? Why are we so blind to the obvious truth? Why are we so different? And of course, they find the villain they've always wanted to find.


It's all Christianity's fault. We're stupid, and Christianity made us that way. We're not Anti-Baby-Killing because we honestly believe a fertilized egg is human life, we're Anti-Baby-Killing because a stupid book tells us to be. The same stupid book that told us that slavery was ok. The same stupid book that tells us that personal sexual preferences are immoral.

Of course, they ignore the fact that those of us who are Anti-Baby Killing never bring up the Bible when discussing it. They ignore the fact that Baby-Killing is never a topic in main-line Christian sermons. In fact, in all my years of church attendance, I've only heard it mentioned twice.

The Left has convinced itself that its at war with a religion... and of course... Considering that the enemy of the enemy is your friend, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that the Left is rooting for American failure in the Middle-East.

As insane as it is, the Left has convinced itself that the Church is running the country, and they see no way of defeating it. This is how we end up with the Jesusland map, and talk of secession. This is how you end up with the birth of new labels like Wingnut, that we see popping up on every liberal blog.

Poor little dears... They're just scared to death. The Boogie Man is gonna get 'em!

Like so many other phobias this one is totally irrational. Of course, that shouldn't surprise anyone, when it's associated with the Left... George Bush may be a Christian, but the idea that he's a conservative is the apex of stupidity.

So... to sum up...

Ran... Your proctologist called... Seems they found your head.

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