Wednesday, December 01, 2004

So much for the Reformation!

Well. Consider your chains officially jerked.

See... There is annoying habit run amok in the post-reformation world that goes something like this... "I believe it, therefore it is in the Bible."

This is of course, the exact oposite of how it should go.

When I sat down to play this little prank I starting thinking of commonly held beliefs that were not mentioned in the Bible. The top two I came up with were polygamy and the Trinity. Both are sparingly addressed, if at all. Yet the belief and acceptance of such things are taken for granted.

I came very close to going with the Trinity, but in the end I decided polygamy was far more fun, and I wanted a simple concept that everyone had there heads firmly wrapped around. I believe we'll all agree that marriage is easier to grasp than the Trinity!

Besides... Polygamy was way more fun!

This is not to say that I believe that polygamy is right or wrong. I really have no oppinion on the matter beyond the fact that I am confident it is not offensive to God in the way that Sin is.

The problem is, many people, including some of you, are adamant that it IS in the Bible... and you go through amazing lengths to prove that you're right, even when confronted with obvious evidence to the contrary.

Many otherwise conserative literalists will stretch farther than any liberal to defend such beliefs, because they are terrified of learning that one of their beliefs is not speficly Biblical.


So much for the reformation.

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