Thursday, December 02, 2004

Great Songs You May Not Know

So what's the best song CCR ever wrote? Proud Mary? Lodi? Fortunate Son? Green River? Have you ever seen the rain?

All great songs... No doubt...

But sometimes... the best songs a band writes never get released. You never hear them on the radio. Let me give some examples...

CCR: Someday Never Comes - Trust me on this. This is heartbreaking reality. Women cry and men shake their head in knowing discust.

The Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil - Never heard this on the radio until the mid-90's. When it was recorded originally it was totally ignored. Only good song they ever did.

Rush: Bravado - Hey... Ms Rand has no greater fan than Neil Peart.

Stevie Ray Vaughn: Life by the Drop - Proof that all great music is the result of great suffering.

Garth: Much to Young - Oh... sure it was released... but it never comes up when people talk about Garth... it's always Friends in Low Places, The Dance, or Rodeo. No question, this is the pinnacle of Garth... I suppose ya could make an arguement for The Beaches of Cheyenne... nahhh...

Elvis: Mystery Train - don't argue.

Nirvana: My Girl - only cover in the group. Brilliant stuff.

ZZ Top: Rough Boy - Not much to say really. It's ZZTop. They rule.

Alice in Chains: Don't Follow - 5th song on Jar of Flies. Proof they were the best seattle band.

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