Thursday, December 16, 2004


Reckon I shoulda posted this several days ago. By now y'all have figgered out that I ain't around much. Down here in Murfreesboro I'm always busy. I swear I need a vacation from my vacations. Still, I have a ball down here. Nice to see that Tennessee isn't just a fond memory. I'd like to blog more when I'm down here, but it just never works out.

Ah well.. The good news is, Joy is on her way home as I type this. We'll be meeting her in Oak Ridge Saturday. Of course... every silver lining has a touch of grey right? At least that's what the hippy says... This is no exception. In order to see Joy... I have to occupy the same building as her mother.

Yeah... that's gonna be fun...

Ah well... I'll pick up Joy and bail out as soon as humanly possible. We'll find some trouble to get into in Knoxville... Maybe we'll hunt up Kristy or Shane... or both!

Either way... things are quiet around here for a few days, and I apologize to you working types. It'll pick up here next week. No doubt.

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