Thursday, December 30, 2004

Masonic Conspiracy

We have a phrase to describe this. We call it "Bovine Ejectus". Oh I know... At 14th degree a mason takes an oath to serve Lucifer!!!

That's cute and all, but there is no 14th degree. There are only 3.

1. Entered Apprentice
2. Fellowcraft
3. Master Mason

I realize this totally confounds most of you who "know" that there are higher numbered degrees out there.

The plain truth is, there is not unifed degree system beyond those first three. The degrees confired are simply titles and nothing more. There is no elite. A 14th degree from a Scottish Rite Lodge has no more authority than a plain old 3rd degree Master Mason. In fact, if that Master Mason happens to be head of the lodge, Mr. 14th degree may in fact have less.

Y'all know I go in for conspiracy theory. This however, is a load of crap.

How about some history. All this devil worship in the masonry is the product of the Catholic Church. Ever notice that if you are a Mason, you cannot join the Catholic Church? Why?

To make a long story short, it was about money. The knights didn't have to pay taxes to the Church, and the Church felt like it was being taken advantage of. In the end, the Church spread all sorts of ridiculous claims about the Templars, which stick today.

Its telling that the Church would fall victim to the same type of lies and propoganda with the Inquisition.

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