Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas Eve

The night was rollin' along as planned. In fact, Jeb had just gone to bed, and we were about to start setting up all the new prizes in, under, and around the tree. That's when things went down hill. See... Julie started spotting...

Not good.

So she called the hospital... they told her to come in... and so at 11 o'clock on Christmas Eve, off we went. Thank the good Lord Joy was able to stay home with Jeb.

As you can well imagine they did every test you can think of, all of which turned out fine... The only reason I type this up was this one remarkable moment that took place at the begining of her scan.

The resident asked us if we were havin' a boy or a girl... then as the screen came up.. He gasped a little and said, "WO! You ARE havin' a boy! See all that? ALL that? That's ALL boy stuff!"

*** GRIN ***

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