Wednesday, December 01, 2004


So... there are two topics that will silence folks around a dinner table quicker than any other. Even among the best of friends, with the least inhibitions... if you bring up anal sex, or the fact that God doesn't seem to be offended by polygamy, things go quiet in a hurry.

Setting aside the former, lets focus on polygomy for a minute. David, a man after God's own heart, had two wives. King Solomon had several wives. In fact... practically everyone who was married at all, had more than one wife, and God makes no mention of this being a bad thing.

Why then do I only get the one?

Confronting a minister friend of mine about this left him flustered and totally unwilling to speak to me about. Amazing that people will talk to a homosexual for years about his problems and how God feels about them, but if you ask them about a practice that God has no problem with, they squawk and run for the hills.

I was simply told to never discuss this with anyone. Bizarre huh? So...

Who decided that I only get one? God? Man? Looks to me like man. Personally I'd like to talk to the man that decided that. He's got some splainin' to do.

Of course... we know the rationale. A woman is worth just as much as a man, so a man shouldn't have more than one wife. Polygamy takes advantage of women with low self-esteem and subjects them to the will and control of one man. But ummm... what if the women want 1 guy to be their husband?

Lets face it, there ain't a whole lot of good guys out there. Real men are becoming about as rare as professional hockey games. So... Aren't the chicks shootin' themselves in the foot? Collectively I mean?

People used to think there was someone for everyone... sure... but what if that someone is already taken? Doesn't look to me like God minds sharing.

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