Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Some Kwanza Education

This "holiday" was invented in 1966 by a self-described black cutural nationalist named Ron Everett, who went by the name Karenga. The man took for himself the title "maulana" or Master Teacher, and founded what amounts to a cult that was called the United Slaves.

He was a staunch rival of the Black Panthers, and in fact two of his cult-members shot and killed two black panthers in UCLA's cafeteria. In the late 60s Karenga and his group were all over the map, and were gaining influence in the black community.

By 1971 Al Sharpton was out praising the new black holiday... while it's creator was involved in things far more... dubious.

On Septeber 17th, of that year he began serving a 10 year sentence for the torture of two female members of United Slaves. The two women were whipped with an electical cord, beatin' with a kendo stick, and burned with a soldering iron. Now theres some diversity!

It should be known that this convicted violent felon now holds two phd's and is the current chair of the Black Studies Department at California State University.

I wonder if the LA Times boys who covered the torture and trial are still around...

I'm not sure what all the Kwanza celebration involves... but I assume an extension cord and a hot iron or two would be good to have around just in case.

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