Thursday, February 10, 2005

7 Days in the Future at the Mountain Fortress

Zod has an excellent piece of at his place on the way things may go down when the excriment and the oscillatory cooling device meet. So with apologies to him, I offer you a look at that same event from Nate's place.

Event - 1 month: Checked food. Resupplied .308 and .45acp. All is well.
Event - 1 day: Nasty rumors abound. Wonder if something's up.

Event+ 0: Saturday morning. I learn over the internet that the rest of America is without power do to some sort of massive failure/attack, shortly before my satalite provider shuts down. I don't really care since I provide my own power with a huge battery bank supported by solar and hydroelectric generators. Piss on 'em. check the system and clean the guns. We're havin' steak and potatoes tonight. man.. no internet acces? How am I gonna blog?

Event +1: After contacting some friends and family its determined that they should make there way here. They should arrive later tonight. The rest of the America is freakin' out. I take the truck out to do some scouting... after all, I've got plenty of gas in the tanks at the Mountain.

Event +2: Internet still down. No blogging... this sucks. Friends and family have arrived with news of chaos elsewhere. We laugh and enjoy a nice meal and hot showers. Over some bourbon we discuss defensive positions, and armaments.

Event +3: My daily drive reveals moderate panic begining to set in. Time to sure up the defenses. Deep within the fortress at night, we sleep securely.

Event +4: Shot a couple would-be looters today. Dangled their carcasses out by the gate. Going to start leaving the Schultzhunds out at night. Still no blogging... dammit.. Ah well... JAC and I have a grand dispute over the appropriate way to cook chili.

Event +5: The bodies at the gate seem to be doing the trick. Either that or some of JAC's chili... No tellin'. Kids are loving havin' all the company. Big fun. Still no blog though... dammit.

Event +6: A semi-organized full scale assault was levied in the a.m. We killed at least 25... 29 if you count the 4 the dogs got lastnight. Tonight we can see light from what appears to be massive fires elsewhere. Neighbors have come by to check on us a few times. All is well.

Event +7: Saturday... Jeb's pissed cause cartoons aren't on. Shortwave brings rants of chaos everywhere. whatever. The routine is working well. We're living like its 1900, except we have modern conviences and power. Thank God JAC brought some stoges with him. We may have run out. Unfortunately...

The blog is still down.

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