Monday, February 14, 2005


Well... it's Monday... which for the vast majority of you... means you're at work. Work. That must suck. I used to hate Monday... You know... back before I retired.

Retired... Yeah... That's what I am... Say... hold on a sec. I'm gonna fetch a cup o' coffee... hell you probly want one too...

Ahh.. that's better. Now where was I?

Oh yeah... Retired. See... DrWho wanted me to ask y'all what all ya do. I know JohnR and PapaPete are in the same lucky boat as me. Red is in the automotive industry... Res is a reformed banker... So how bout it? Where are ya this mornin'?

Me? Well... I'm sittin' here waitin for Jeb to wake up.

I know a lot mom's out there have a "I work too!" complex. Fact is... I just don't see it that way. That's why I say I'm retired. I refuse to describe the privilage of staying home with my kid as a job. A job is something you are paid to do. This is something that Julie and I pay for me to be able to do.

So that's us. Julie's in the OR right now... tryin' to keep some poor patient alive while some surgeon is doing things to them that would otherwise kill them... and I'm here in the basement... sippin' coffee... listening to Cross Canadian Ragweed sing "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired..."

How about you?

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