Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cockroaches, Crows, and The Limit

One thing about America... we got a whole mess of laws. You can't have more than 5 gallons of water in your toilet. You got to wear a seatbelt. You can't sell cigarettes in a liquor store... and God help ya if ya sell booze on Sunday.

You can't shoot a Bald Eagle... or catch a Rainbow Trout... Hell... You can only shoot deer a couple months a year... Shoot an Elk in Kentucky or Tennessee and they'll throw in the Hoos-Cow and you'll never see the light of day again.

In fact.. there are only choice few things you can kill anytime ya what. Crows... Coyotes... Bugs... Rats... That's about it.

And its even worse for domesticated animals. Throw a match on a kitty? Fines will be the least of your worries...

Hell... in San Fransico, dog owners are legally required to have fresh water in a spill proof dish, and while they haven't yet outlawed tiein' the critters up, they are workin' on it.

Now... all these critters... before we passed these rules and laws to protect them... Did anyone stand up and require them to prove that they were human before we stepped in? Did you see Diane Feinstein stand up and scream for hunter's rights? After all... these things aren't human! They're just a bunch of cells!

Of course you didn't. We don't require proof of humanity... we only require proof of life. We loudly proclaim that all life is worth protecting!!!

All life...

All life... except the life of the unborn. Of them, we require proof of humanity. They, and they alone, are required to prove their worthiness.

The PETArds say that violence in the name of protecting animals is justifiable.

Then I say its almost time to start shootin'. Because, if you can kill a human to protect a pig, then I can kill an abortionist to protect a baby.

Those are some harsh words... and its an extreme view. I ask you this though;

Is it right to kill a would be murderer to protect an innocent life? The bad man has a knife to a kid's throat... I shoot the bad man. Bad man dies. Did I just commit murder? There is not a state in the Union that defines it as such.

Were I on a jury, there is no way I would find the killer of an abortionist guilty of murder.

What I ask myself is... does such action do any good right now? The answer is no. Not right now. It's not time yet. But... we should be aware that there could well come a time when the political fight is lost... when there is no longer any hope of peacefully ending abortion.

When that time comes... Then... it will be time to starting playing Cowboys and Baby Killers.

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