Monday, February 21, 2005


First of all... I have to point out, that my brothers and I love these things like life itself. Each of us knows for a fact that he is by far the best of the three... and when all of us find ourselves on a track at the same time... well... trouble is not far behind...

Rubbin' is racin'... As the fella says.

That's good and well... so long as everyone in realizes that any of the three of us will rub your butt right into the wall and ride off laughin' about it.

That said... it's quite clear that Jeb is gonna fit right in... and aparently the Mountain Fortress is gonna need a concrete track out back!

So Friday afternoon Julie, Joy, and I had some time to kill and figured we'd take Jeb out and see what trouble we could stir up. Just off I-20 we found this place with go-carts and all manner of kids rides... for us... It was like the Holy Grail.

For a chance to ride around with Jeb in a two-seater go-cart I'da gladly paid 50 bucks.. but it actually only cost 3...

Now.. given that I was with a 30 month old kid.. the red McDonalds Go-Cart seemed quite appropriate. I got us all strapped in... but unfortunately they didn't have 5 point harnesses... this would prove... troublesome later on...

Joy was ridin' too.. and she took up the black Amoco cart a couple cars back. DrWho hung back to photo the event. Pregasuarus not allowed... that's what the sign said anyway. That's a shame to.. cause my girl can drive!

Jeb was pretty spooked at first... in fact.. I thought he was gonna climb outta the car when I first hit the gas... but we were downt he straight away, and I tucked him under my right arm, and resided myself to the fact that I was steerin' one handed for the rest of the day.

We came up to the first curve, and as soon as he felt the first G's in the turn he just cackled.

Hooked. It was all over. The boy was sold.

I took it easy for several laps... but we found ourselves behind this little mexican kid who just could drive... Joy was on our butts... This just wouldn't do... I was gettin' impatient... Matters got worse when JOY passed us... I got a run on her and took her to the outside on a sweepin' left hander and decided the mexican was goin' down.

I kept trying to go to the outside on the kid... but with the added weight... my two-seater just couldn't hold a run on him... dammit....

Finally I let the cart drift to a wide apex in a longish 180 right-hand turn... Then at the last second I stomped the gas and jerked the wheel as hard as I could. Jeb was crushed up against my side and immediately howled with glee as we blew by the kid on the inside... He tried to cut us off at the end of the straight but I gave him a little tap to remind him what was what... Jeb was lovin' this far more than I was... which.... is sayin' somethin'.

From that point... it was on. We were kickin' butt and takin names. Jeb liked it better that way anyhow. We knifed through traffic the last few laps... really smokin' some folks... and if it weren't for the fact that I was continually havin' to pick jeb up... the poor kid kept slidin' down the seat... we'd've showed all a thing or two.

Jeb was wired after the ride. He was pointin' and makin' all manner of faces... Happy as he could be... then it was off to the roller-coaster.. and countless other carney type rides...

Needless to say... The boy.... the girls... and the Daddy... all had a fine time. Steaks and Bourbon awaited back at Jen's place... but that's another story.

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