Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Drinkin' Post

Well kids its 5:00pm on the East Coast... and By God that should be good enough. I always figured if was drinkin' time anywhere in the Continental US, it should count for the whole durn country.

So saddle up to the bar y'all. What'll it be?

Ol' Nate is gettin' predictable in his old age. It'll be 1792, and Buffalo Trace for me. Though later on this evening I may sneak out for some Makers Mark... or maybe some breed of Wild Turkey... I have a hankerin' for something sweet tonight...

Since I've got this Jim Beam Black... and I wouldn't even wish something this bad on Bane... I suppose I'm gonna have to go collect some ingredients for some mixed drinks... As bad as it is, it should still be ok in a Whiskey Sour.

Now there's somethin' we ain't covered... Mixed drinks... that has me thinkin'...

First of all... Margarita is a flavor people. You don't get flavored margaritas... and they ain't supposed to be frozen either. At least not in the hands of a man. Good lord, have a little self-respect.

But now that that's outta the way... What's your favorite mixed drink? Mine of course is Bourbon and Ice... and very light on the Ice I might add... but short of that... I'll take a Whiskey Sour, or a Top Shelf Margarita... Old Fashioned... I like some Vodka mixed drinks but it has to be made with some damned high quality vodka. Kettle One... or Vox... there are a few others I like to. For me... Vodka needs to be like good clean water. It should have a great deal of clarity. It should be like drinking alchoholic water. It should be both cold and hot at the same time.

I'll check back later with the smokin' talk. Johnny Cash is in the changer. "When the Man comes around."

Ok kids... topics on the table:

What're your favorite mixed drinks?

What's your favorite Vodka, and what do you look for in a Vodka?

As always... standard Friday drinkin' rules apply...

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