Sunday, February 13, 2005


Over the last several months I've noticed another subtle change in the MP3 playlist. More and More I find these types... Robert Earl Keene... Jason Boland... The Gourds... If you're unfamiliar... it's mostly nostalgia music. If you ever sat around with a bunch of guys swappin' songs on accoustic guitars... this will take ya back there... even if you never heard played these songs.

The voices aren't pretty. They're original... and gruff... like young Cash... or David Allen Coe. Jason Boland's cover of Charlie Robinson's "My Hometown" is treasured... and The Gourds... well... everything they do is gold. If you're ever down Austin way, I suggest ya look them up... but look for a crowd to be there. They're probably still the biggest thing in town. If you've never heard their take on Gin and Juice... or their orginal classics.. like Jesus and Tequila, or I like Drinkin'... you really are missin' something. it's such a bizarre label. I mean... it's an alternative to Nashville... no doubt... but associating with "alt" is just insulting. It's way closer to country than anything Tim McGraw is putting out.

Tim McGraw... Theres a jerkoff if ever I've seen one... The guy does a duet with Nelly. NELLY! This is the guy who sings a song complaining about to much pop influence in country music. Look in the mirror ya moron.

At anyrate... the music's a lot more laid back... and story songs abound... American Pie... The Wreck of the Edumnd Fitzgerald... Hell... there's even some Jerry Reed in there...

Maybe its the weather. Maybe its just winter. No doubt when the weather changes... and the eye starts lingerin' ever more to the bike... the mp3 list will certainly take a decidedly different shape... with more Angry White Boy tunes... But for now... I'll take this.

It goes with the bourbon.

So I'll see you in Nashville,
If I ever get out that way.
and I'll see you in Austin,
But I won't have long to stay.

If you're ever out west son
And ya feel like slowin' down
Well I'll see ya around..
Around My Hometown.

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