Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Public Use vs. Public Good

The 5th amendment sets the rules for eminent domain rather clearly. Morons on both sides of the isle however would have us believe that it is a matter for hand-wring and much consternation.

It is not.

The fact that such a question could make it all the way to the Supreme Court is testimony to the woeful state of our Nation and its people's attitudes towards freedom.

If you're confused what I am talking about is a case which involves the confiscation of private property, by a city, which the city plans on giving to a different private party, for developement. In theory this will provide jobs for the community, and therefore serve the community needs.

We have a word for this. We call it coruption.

No government ever has the legitimate power to simply redistribute private property as it sees fit. If the supreme court allows this... We've officially embraced Marxism.

Think of the doors this opens...

The Government decides what is fair market value for your home. So when you get 50 grand, for a 200,000 dollar house... well... its for the public good...

And who decides what is good for the public? The Government.

What we will see is mass corruption. Campaign financeers, Friends, and Relatives of elected officials will be rewarded with confiscated properties... All.... For the public good.

A law is never judged by the good that it can be used to do. A law is judged by the Evil it can used to do.

This type of of errosion of property rights is the only real threat to America's economic domination of the world.

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