Friday, February 04, 2005

Obligatory Friday Drinkin' Post

I don't have a whole lot of time. Y'all are probably gonna have to carry the torch on my behalf... at least until later on this evening. Normally I would be deep in the drinkin', or at least planning stages by this late hour (it's almost 3pm!) but alas, there are some things that must be dealt with.

I'll be sippin' 1792, and the new Jim Beam Black alone tonight. I'll let ya know how it goes. Expect an at least one update later tonight. God bless y'all. Turn 'em up!

Standard Friday Posting Rules apply. What're ya drinkin'? What're ya smokin'? Who're ya drinkin' and smokin' with?

MINOR UPDATE: Superbowl Haiku!!!

Androgenous Pats
Might They Be Men or Women?
Or are they Mannens?

UPDATE II: I'm sad to report that Jim Beam Black is utterly unsatisfactory. In fact, unsatisfactory is far to generous a term.... It is.... Swill. It's filth. Its discusting and vile. Its like bourbon colored anti-freeze. After three sips of its rude, harsh, flavorless wretch... it took three shots of 1792 just to regain my composure. Believe me... Normally three shots of 1792 in rapid fire succession will do anything BUT give you composure... unless by composure... you mean semi-conscience dilerium... which is about where I am now. Do not take this to mean that I'm simply a bourbon snob. Makers Mark and Wild Turkey 101 are both cheaper than Jim Beam Black, and both are several orders of magnitude its superior. When the same company produces a 120 proof bourbon that is smooth as silk (bookers) and a 86 proof bourbon that is harsh as battery acid, one can only conclude that they just ain't tryin'.

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