Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Googling "Moron"

I typed "Moron" into God's Gift to Search Engines, and I came up with this. I could go on for days. Truely it's a trove of evidence, proving the vast unwavering stupidity of the left. Dig enough and you'll find every leftist myth propogated... including my particular favorite... Over-population.

Did you realize the world was over populated? Over population... this is how we know the liberals suck at math. What are there... 6 billion people in the world more or less? Right... and how many acres of land are there in the continental United States alone? Right. Don't tell me we're overpopulated. It's not my fault the morons in Mexico City and Tokyo are stupid enough to live on top each other.

I read this crap and I am reminded of my previous leftist neighbors... You remember... The Witch and her husband...

We had them over for supper once... and she told us all about over population... and how using land for cattle was such a waste... Because you know... growing crops produces more pounds of food per acre...

You can imagine the look on her face when I said, "Umm... Darlin', have you ever been west of the Mississippi?"

"Well... no but I'd like to"

"So you're not aware then that there are billions and billions of acres of land over there that we ain't usin'? And you're also not aware that the vast majority of that land is great for grazin' cattle, but it sucks for about anything else?"

"Well... umm... I really want to go, I just haven't had the opportunity."

Understand of course that this particular witch was the feminine studies professor at WVU. She and her husband were on my front porch when I found that out...

"Women's studies? You teach women's studies? At WVU? What's that... Like... Cookin' and Cleanin' and stuff?"

Her husband almost laughed... She didn't.

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