Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Truth Shall Chain You

As this general has apparently learned. See, there are things you just don't say. You don't talk about it being fun to shoot some people. Even if you're the commander of an organization who's job is in fact to shoot people and break things.

While the press and similar feminine types all over the country wet themselves over the general's statements, allow me to commend them.

It is fun to shoot some people. Its fun to read about some people being shot. Justice is good. Is it fun to beat the shit out of a guy who hits women? Damned skippy. Would I take pleasure in blowing some bastard's head off if he hurt Jeb? Oh I would. Check the Archives. There's a story in there labeled "Hyper-vigilance at the Post Office". I wanted to break some little freak in half just for lookin' at Jeb.

Liberals today... and in particular women, would have us believe that violence is never acceptable under any circumstances. Fools.

Violence is justifiable in many cases. In some cases, not only is violence justifiable, it is the only honorable course of action.

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