Monday, February 07, 2005


The Game sucked. McNabb sucked. If McNair and the Titans played that way in the fourth quarter of a Superbowl, I'd be shouting for the coaches' collective heads.

But I'm used to terrible Superbowls. The trouble is, this year the comercials sucked to! GAH! Seriously... did you laugh out loud at any of those?

So what did we learn?

1. Ford is not introducing the new Mustang until spring. Repeat... Ford is not introducing the new mustang until spring.

2. Honda has built a half-ton truck... and it's a Honda. Note they didn't mention anything like... horsepower... or torque... or towing capacity. There's an excellent reason for that. That's because its a Honda. A half-ton truck that tows 5000 pounds? The Trooper tows 5000 pounds! Chevy, Ford, and Dodge all make cars that tow 5000 pounds.

3. Monkies think whoopie cushions are funny.

4. There was something about Rugby and... Some black singer... but it was just a train wreck...

5. Andy Reid missed the day they discussed the 2-minute offense in coaching 101.

6. So did everyone else in green.

That's all for now... I have to think of something more entertaining to write about... You poor saps are at work... Someone has to look out for ya.

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