Friday, December 30, 2005


Life is good. I've got a mild buzz... fresh from a nice glass of 1792... Hey... 10oz. of 100 proof bourbon on a mostly empty stomach will do that for ya! I'm currently clearin' the pallet with a favorite snack... some fine cheddar dipped in spicy mustard.

2 questions about that... What company produces "Hellagood" products... and why are they so damned good? and.. Why is it that Kroger's spicey mustard is so much better than everyone elses?

But I digress.

It's a fine day. Our boy Will has come to his senses and decided to disavow himself of that plastic sissy pistol. He lit up the 10-ring with a Kimber lastnight and has vowed to purchase a 1911. One can only hope he has the good sense to go buy a Springfield. I mean come on... if he liked the Kimber that much... imagine what he'll think when he shoots a real 1911.

I talked to him on the phone lastnight actually... on his way back from the range... and he asked a good question.

Why Springfield?

I didn't give the best answer lastnight... but after some thought... it really boils down to 2 reasons.

1) Accuracy. Gun after gun. Back to back to back to back... with several loads from several different manufactures... the average groups of the Springfields will always be the smallest. Smaller than Kimber. Smaller than Para. Smaller than Colt. The initial test of the Taurus are impressive, but I am skeptical. I wanna see it go head to head with the Springfield before I'll really buy into the hype.

2) Waranty. Until Taurus showed up, no other manufacturer offered a guarantee that was even close to Springfield's. Their customer service has an excellent record. This is less important to some people, but to me... this means a lot. That's why Taurus and Springfield are so high on my list. Both have been known to throw in free work when they have a weapon sent back... just to make sure you're completely happy.

But enough...

On to the Booze!

Mutly tried some Makers Mark! He was impressed. Another scotch drinker broadening his horizons. It's a great day. But Mutly... dear man... if you liked that... and I know you did... oh sir... you have so much to explore. Wait until you try Bookers... 126 proof smooth sweet heat. Or Woodford's Reserve... or perhaps God's Own Whiskey.... Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Any of you interested in bourbon history or general facts.. do a site specific search of the bloggerblaster for the word "bourbon" and I'm sure you'll learn all you need to know.

Oh... and Jamie... you around? or are ya hiding under your bed again? Drink up you pussy. No beer either. Find something 80 proof or up. You sissy-mary.

Ok kids... Belly up to the bar! What'll it be?

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