Friday, December 09, 2005


Jeb's grandparents sent him a movie this week... and watching it with him I got to thinking...

Everything I need to know about subversion can be learned from "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

You remember that old special right? Used to come on once a year back in the three channel days. This was big time back then man... up there with Rudolph. Well.. this is the story of Santa Claus... or at least... it was someone's story of Santa Claus.

If you'll recall there are two towns in the movie... the elf town where Santa is raised, and Somber Town, which is on the other side of the Mountain of the Whispering Winds, where the Winter Warlock lives.

To make a long story short... the elves are toy makers.. but they can't get their toys to Somber Town where the children are... and Santa volunteers to take them there. The fun begins when he arrives.

Santa meets a bunch of kids in Somber Town and starts to hand out toys... but the kids won't take them. Then a school teacher comes out and scolds Santa. She points out that toys are impractical, unproductive... and illegal.

Santa of course thinks is just silly to make toys illegal. So... what does he do?

Does he go speak to the city council? Does he talk to the mayor (Burgermeister Meister Burger)? No. Does he start a petition amongst the citizens to get the law changed?

No. He simply ignores the law. "It's a silly law", he says, and he hands out toys anyway... including giving one to the teacher... who then decides she agrees... and she decides to ignore the law as well.

Can you imagine? Teaching children that its ok to just... ignore a law... just because you disagree with it? Why its bloody madness! The Rule of Law must stand!

Why.. if this sort of thing were allowed to go on... the next thing you know... you'd have juries overturning verdicts... simply because they thought the law shouldn't apply. Is that what you want? People.. making desicions for themselves? Juries... standing up to judges?

Its no wonder they stopped airing these vile shows. Of course... that's not even the worst of it.. In the whole film there's not a single minority... global warming isn't even discussed... and worst of all.... same sex couples were not shown even one time.

Thank God these abominations are off the air... now... if you'll excuse me.. I have to go set my Tivo to record... "The Teletubbies' Christmas at the Bath House" is coming on tonight.

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