Friday, December 09, 2005


Well the boys are not yet asleep... Julie is off at the hospital pullin' an all-niter... and I'm just sitting here.. shaking my head at the trainwreck of comments in the post below.

Soccer? A soccer discussion on my blog?

Dark days for the Bloggerblaster indeed. One wonders if Jamie realizes that bragging about the success of his country's soccer team is viewed by Americans as quite similar to cheering on the Austrailian boys at the Homosexual Olympics. By the way... I understand the French do very well at the Queener Olympics... and umm... How many World Cups have they won? And you think that's a coincidence?

Look... seriously... Vox has a blog people... if you wish to discuss your various fetishes and perversions... Male bi-sexuality and all... please by all means... Go over there and do it. I'll pop in once or twice and call you all fags... but for the most part I'll leave you alone.


Post frequently about soccer here and expect to get it with both barrells. I don't come to your house and talk about my fondness of chicks in white socks... don't come here and tell me how much you like bisexual men who prance around in the grass... hug.... fall... and roll around like their seizing because their shoe string got stepped on.

Don't waste your breathe telling me how hot their wives are either. When women discuss masculinity they always do so in terms of how girly the man willing to be. In otherwords... when asked, women will say that a man who is willing to wear makeup and a dress is more manly than a guy who refuses. Why? They say because he's secure. Even more terrifying is the fact that lots of women even believe this. Of course.. granted.. they've never actually thought about it... they just "feel" it.

Praise God there are women out there (this is you Julie) who know what a man is, and realize that it is in fact a man they want. Unfortunately they are getting harder and harder to find.. as more and more women get their ideas of masculinity from hollywood or girly mags... or worse yet.. love songs.

Don't even get me started on love songs... they are the only thing worse for society than feminism... and soccer.

Now... ATF will commence when the youngins are in the bed. Until then.. I remain sober...


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