Thursday, December 01, 2005


I hate it. When I see it... I think one thing. Coward.

I'm reminded of growing up... watching kids fight. Ya know... there were always some kids that just couldn't go. They had to convince themselves to go first. They would posture and pose. They'd dance around and make ridiculous threats and jestures... and yes... the majority of these kids were black. Sorry... Facts don't make me a racist. They're just facts.

They would do their little war dance until they convinced themselves they were brave enough to fight, and then they would fight.

Unless they were unfortunate to be squaring off with a kid who didn't need a war dance. These of course made for the shortest, and most entertaining confrontations.

Boy A jumps around... gets in Boy B's face... begins shouting something like, "I ain't playin'!" and walking back and forth or in circles.

Boy B recognizes Boy A as a threat... but does not respond. He just watches for a few seconds. Like he's bored.

Boy A sees Boy B's failure to join his war dance as cowardice... and thus is now even more enthusiastic. His gestures become even more wild... his boasting threats more loud. As he builds up steam he's more and more likely to actually make physical contact with BoyB... though it is costumary to push or bump a few times before actually fighting. Boy A... now in a lather reaches out and knocks Boy B's hat off.

Boy A now infinitely impressed with himself dances, and flails his arms up shouting... "Now whatcha doin'? huh? Bitch? Huh? now what?"

Boy B has no been physicly assaulted, and responds accordingly. While Boy A is still only 75% done with his war dance, Boy B has no need of such things.


Boy A drops like a rock, grabs his jaw, and rolls around on the ground for a few seconds. Then he gets up on one knee.


Boy A is now bleeding from at least a couple places... his mind is whirling... trying to understand what's happening... and how...

At this point... either BoyB's friends pull him off of Boy A... or Boy A dies.

It's that simple. It happens every day.. all over the country. In fact... it even happens in the Blogosphere. Which is why I'm posting this.

Right now... Feminists bloggers are dancing around... telling themselves how bad they are... calling Vox Day a bitch... and convincing themselves that they really tough. Vox is simply watching.

Me? I'm just waitin' for the haymaker.

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