Thursday, December 22, 2005

T Minus 100 Days

What? You thought I wasn't keeping a running count? In a mere 100 days we shall be freed from this God forsaken yankee infested Hell. We shall return to the sweet green lands of the South, where will live like decent God fearing folk,. Where we shall grow old, and one day tell our grand-children nitemarish tales of our experiences in the woeful lands of the yankee.

The trouble is... we still don't know exactly where in the South we'll be living... At this point its been narrowed down to Georgia... way north of Atlanta... or way south of Atlanta... then there are a few places in middle Tennessee that are interested as well. It's changed so much that honestly I feel like I'm better off just not talking about it. I'm pretty sure my family feels like they're gettin' jerked around like a yo-yo. At least 3 or 4 times we've been pretty certain sure we new where we were goin'... and so far something has come up that totally changed our plans. For a good 2-weeks we knew we were goin' to this little town west of Nashville... then when the contract arrived it looked nothing like what we'd agreed to, and contained more than a few seriously questionable and highly irregular clauses. No thanks.

Ah... but today is not a day to fret. No no... today is a day of joy... for the today we see clearly our golden parole.

But 100 days... but 100 days... but 100 days...

to freedom.

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