Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dream Trip

I don't know if I'll ever be able to work this out... but I have a dream...

I want to get some buddies... and ride the Alaskan Highway... all the way to Fairbanks... up the Dalton Highway... past the Gates of the Arctic... way up to the Arctic Circle.

Longitude 66 degrees 33 minutes.

It's 4005 miles from Murfreesboro, which is our standard start point, to Fairbanks... then another few hundred up the gravel Dalton Highway.

The alternative is to jump off the Alaskan Highway at the Yukon Highway, and take it to the Demptster Highway... which is another gravel road. We could take it all the way to Inuvik.

I tend to lean toward Dalton in Alaska. Needless to say... this would be an insane trip. First of all we'd need bikes that were capable of such a thing. These bikes aren't really hard to find. They are generally recognizable by the "BMW" on the tank... and they tend to look something like this:

Is it pretty? No. But it is a tank. It's built for anything. I know stories of men that have ridden these bikes up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic Circle, then all the way down through Central and South America... all on the same trip.

Obviously we'd be going in July... I'm psycho... but not that psycho. I shudder to think how long this trip would take... Right now.. I'm guessing around 2 full weeks... and could take a month. The trip to Fairbanks alone will take at least 4 days... and will probably take 6. Assuming we take our time... and rolling up a gravel road to the Arctic Circle... I suspect we will be taking our time... I figure another 4 days actually up there. Pretty soon you see why I say we will need 3 weeks or more.

Think of the provisions we'll need to take... man... JAC already has a .454 casull.. I'll need to pick up one of my own... plus I'll take a couple other side arms... my .357 tracker... the .40... maybe a couple lighter weapons too. Probably at least 1 carbine.

Oh those Canadian border boys will love us.

I guess part of this is the challenge. Fact is I love to ride... and I love to explore... and this is the ultimate way to do both.

Who wants to come along?

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