Monday, December 19, 2005

The Harem Returns

Merry Christmas! After many requests... we at the Bloggerblaster have decided to revive the Harem. Ladies... those of you who read here are humbly requested to submit a pic, and gain honourary membership into the Harem. The pictures from the previous harem are lost... so those of you who sent them in, please send more.

Spacebunny... if you would be so kind.. something in a baseball hat... and maybe that blue bikini Vox keeps refering to? Ah well.. a man can hope... Jeanne... Throw on some socks and a Cowboys Jersey darlin'... grown men will gawk... what could be better?

How about the newly enhanced Kristy? oh yes.. she will be there... DJ... and maybe some new faces? Or at least parts? How about it Blondage? LL? We let v-twin girls in the harem too... though we confess.. we perfer our v-twins in bikes with "Aprilia" on the tank.

As always.. naughty or otherwise indecent pics will be appreciated and jealously guarded... but never posted. Well.. one might be posted... but only because she's smokin' hot and I don't know who she is... so I can't be busted for outing her... right? Hey... I'm not the first blogger to get a naked self-pic from an anonymous hot female fan right?

DrWho will of course be gracing the new Harem as well... oooo.. maybe I can get her to pose in my new Titans jersey.... excellent!

Email away ladies.

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