Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Closed Minds and Assumptions

Its greatly entertaining to watch those on the left leap and shout about our closed minds. At least it is for me. I mean... we're dealing with people who've never even read the great works of their own political spectrum... much less ours. Those that have read the works of their own rant like crazed loons... they regurgitate everything they swallowed... but they never take the time to fill the void with something new. They just go back to chewing their cud.

How about a quick poll?

Quick! Raise your hand if you've read Marx. Good... Darwin? Excellent.

Now... lets wonder over and talk to our friends from the left... Well... no... let's not. They're a dreadful bunch and not at all worth our time... so... Let's just point and laugh.

See... I know most of you have read Darwin and Marx and countless other leftist icons. I know that you came to the same conclusions I did. The Origin of Species has basicly nothing conclusive at all to say, and is only considered a great work of literature because it gave people something to think about and discuss over morning tea.

Marx on the other hand is notable most for his literary contributions of the ever expanding run-on sentence.

Of course... those who've never read Hayek don't necessarily understand just how complete Marx's stupidity is. Those who've never read Mises don't understand just how complete Keyensian Stupidity is as well.

Those of us who have... tend to laugh when leftist recite the same stupid clap-trap that we've seen so totally defeated in print decades old. We're dismissive. They assume its because we're closed minded... that we've never looked at their superior side of things.

They say these things to each other in coffee houses... patting each other on the back, and beeming in the confident cosmopolitan costumes.

You never find Mises on the shelves of those coffee houses though do you? Or Bastiat...

Wonder why that is?

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