Friday, December 09, 2005

Enough Teasing!

On with the bloody show! The boys are in the bed... it's time to drink dammit.

See that?

Its a stack of Killian's Red... lying on the floor like so many hollowed carcasses... empty shells sucked dry for my own pleasure and satisfaction.


It's good to be the king.

So why is it that the seasons affect my tastes so? I really hate Killian's in the summer. I like Corona year round.. but I definately drink darker beers in the winter, and paler beers in the summer. Splain? I never drink light beer... ever. If you do... no.. i'm not gonna say it.... you fat bastard.

So its Killian's for me tonight... then on to the Bookers later to make sure I sleep very well indeed. How about you?

Say... is drinkin' alone really that good an indicator of alcoholism? If it is... can I use these posts and comments to pretend I'm not really drinkin' alone? Piss on it. I drink alone. I always have. I've only woken up in a teddy once... and I only pissed in my shoes that once too... so regardless of the fact that I vehemently declared that I was actually pissing in the "Network window"... each was an isolated event.. so I figure I'm ok.

Hey... it was like 5 years ago man.

Smokes... dammit I could use a smoke.... hold on...

***Sounds of construction... trees falling... wrecking balls... cows falling from the sky.... jack hammers... doors slamming. ***

Ah yes.. there it is. Patargas 1845. Smell that? Ahhh.. smooth as a prom queen's thighs... but not quite as risky.

I really have nothing grand to report tonight on the firearms front... other than my preliminary research on Magnum Research's rifle line. I'm stoked boys. Anyone who has ever shot one please speak up.

ok... that's that...

Standard rules apply.

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