Monday, December 19, 2005

Spacebunny Loves Me

Seriously. Look at the cool little hat she knitted for Eli.

Now... Do any of you have official Spacebunny produced... umm... Products? I thought not. Sure... you think because she hangs out at your blogs that she loves ya... but ask yourself... Has she done anything to keep your baby warm? And I should point out.... this is just one of the two hats she made for little Eli.

Little Eli... Those two words just don't go together... look at the boy... He's wearin' 12 month clothes.. and he's just 9 months.. 96th percentile in weight and hieght.

We call him Hoss.

Man.. he's into everything he's big enough for.. and then some. He's crawlin' a hundred miles an hour... he's trying to talk... more like yellin' though.. "DA DA DA DA DA DA DA!"

So much fun.

Y'all should have one.

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