Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How Extreme is John Edwards?

This is a direct quote from the Edwards blog:

"Our analysis leads to some conclusions that many will perhaps find stunning:

*Even a steeply progressive income tax---right up to 99% on the highest incomes---would impose no loss of purchasing power on wealthy income earners.
*Reducing the income tax rates of rich citizens will weaken the economy if Congress cuts spending to pay for the tax cuts.
*Increasing the amount of taxes collected from wealthy citizens will actually provide a stimulus to the economy.
*The rich cannot get richer---in real terms---by getting their taxes cut, but they can become richer if they pay more in taxes.
*The government is a major producer of Real Wealth.
*An increase in the size of government is almost always quite desirable."
*Wealthy citizens who are wise should be lobbying for an increase in government spending and an increase in their tax rates."

Lenin would be proud.

And please... before you accuse me of taking this out of context or misrepresenting what was said... go read the garbage for yourself.

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