Friday, April 22, 2005


My apologies. I realize the post is late. No doubt Jamie's already in the bed. Short timer. Alas, I've spent the evening with fine friends, fine whiskey, and fine tobacco. It's a tough life I tell ya.

Kristy and her soon-to-be-husband Dave are up hangin' out with us... so I kicked the evenin' off right with some mostly raw, yet slightly warm ribeyes and some fresh fried green beans. Plenty of bacon grease... Plenty of butter.

After the meal it was off to the front porch swing to watch the rain, sip the 1792 and smoke a couple Excalibers. King Arther if you're keepin' score. Again... Life is hard.

Kristy and Dave even spotted me a new bottle of 1792. God Bless 'em.

Any of you folks into Conac? Kristy digs the Courvoisier. It's aparently popular with the black folks. Short of that... Well.... I really don't know what to say... I am not to proud to admit that I tried it. Though perhaps a wiser man would be. Anyway... it was different. I'll be stickin' to the bourbon of course.

Anyway... I've put Kristy to work on a homemade cheesecake... and we're fixin' to play some relatively high-stakes poker... and no doubt later we'll be linkin' up the two Xbox's for some Halo2.

I sincerely hope y'all are havin' half as good a night as we are. If so... you'll be grinnin' like a fool.

***Standard Friday Postin' Rules Apply***

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