Friday, April 15, 2005

The Battle of Los Angeles

I'm not really a UFO nut... but that said... I'm fairly open-minded about the idea. I'm just not one of these nut-cases who'll tell you every technological advance of the last 50 years is actually related to some disk our government found near Roswell. To be real honest... the subject of UFO's doesn't really even excite me that much.

So why am I bothering writing about it?

Because it demonstrates the government's prowess when it comes to the fine art of the coverup.

I know you all know the story of Roswell. But I wonder... Did you know that it was the military itself that broke the story? The whole thing started when a colonel at an airforce base told a reporter, "We were fortunate enough to recover a disk."

It wasn't until a couple days later, when the story was sent out on the wire that the military suddenly began changing its tune.

But to me, the more stunning example... took place a few years earlier...

Feburary 25th, 1942. Pearl Harbor was just a couple months ago, and it was more than fresh on the minds of our country. Late that night, air raid sirens are heard throughout L.A. A blackout is ordered, and executed.

That night, not far from where LAX now stands, the US military shot over 1400 anti-aircraft rounds into the night sky. Search lights focused on a slow moving object, witnessed by thousands. It was the lead story on the front page of the LA Times for a week.

Funny... How many of you have heard about this before now? How many of you knew that the military had actually reported recovering a disk "of interplanetary nature" to the press themselves?

Is it real? That's not the point. The point is, something bizarre happened over LA, and now, not only do we not have an explaination for it... in fact, what thousands saw, and remember to this day, is simply forgotten. It didn't happen. If you bring it up... you're just nutty as the proverbial fruitcake.

They are so good... they can tell you X, then tell you Y... and before long, anyone who suggests X is also seen as a nutcase.


TWA 800 suffered a freak electrical outlet in its fuel cells.
The Branch Davidians burned themselves.
Ruby Ridge was just an unfortunate, tragic result, of the gun culture.
The Cops were on the seen in minutes after the shooting started at Columbine.
That building in Oklahoma City was blown up from the outside in, with fertalizer.
The American Civil war was fought to free the slaves.

Your government doesn't lie to you.

There's one other thing I wonder today.... no no... I mean besides what I'm drinkin' tonight... I wonder... how many of you know that a graduate of Cambridge University, is barred from teaching in government schools in America, because they might teach history from a different point of view... This was so, even before NCLB.

Still think education is their goal?

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