Friday, April 22, 2005

Slap a Hippy Day!

I hate today. Few things get under my skin like "Earth Day". See... today is the day we're all supposed to be conserned about terrible global problems like over population and global warming...

Over-population. I like that one... Let's look at it shall we? First of all, this is less an evironmental issue, and more of a math problem. Which no doubt is why the average individual is so incapable of understanding it. I mean come on... Long division is hard. But lets put our thinking caps on kids... and do try to stay with me.

There are 640 acres in a square mile.

There are 9,355,000 square miles of land in North America.

640 times 9,355,000 equals 5,987,200,000.

So... there are 5,987,200,000 acres of land in North America alone.

According to the CIA the current world population is 6,379,157,361.

Now I know this is really hard, but if you divide the entire population of the earth, by the number of acres in North America... You end up with 1.07 acres per person. If that sounds like a lot, you should consider that many many North American cities have population densities well over 85 per acre.

So... if we took the whole world, and moved everyone to North America we'd all still have an acre of land to live on, and that would put our population density rough 1/85th of what it is in say... New York city... or Detroit.

Speaking of Detroit... It's April 22nd... and its 30 degrees in Detroit today. It's going to snow in West Virginia this weekend. Snow. It's damned near May. So where is this Global Warming and where can we get some more of it?

But seriously... We have documented temperature fluctuation throughout the existence of the earth. The same geology that hippy's and atheists worship when it comes to dinosaurs and dating, plainly states that temperatures on the Earth fluctuate over time, and sometimes quite rapidly. According to them, this is perfectly natural. But no... In this case we should ignore the geologists. Its actually those evil SUV's.

The earth doesn't hurt people. The earth loves people. People are the problem. We do things that make the earth hurt us. We suck oil from her veins... and this causes gaps in her crust, which causes more earthquakes... which is what caused that aweful tsunami that killed all those people. SUV's kill!

Never mind that the scenario above is roughly like claiming that popping a zit caused a seizure... it sounds good to the totally ignorant... so they run with it. Anyone who stops to think for even a second will realize how enormously huge the earth's crust is... and immediately deduce that the theory is totally crap.

But that's just it. No one learns science anymore. Kids, and younger adults, have no idea about these things. Rather than learning geography, or basic science, their "science" classes are filled with PC Environmentalist BS.

But hey... you can't possibly expect the school system to teach kids math and science. I mean... if they did... they'd never get them to buy their environmentalist agenda.

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