Thursday, April 07, 2005

Audio Blogs

For any of ya interested, JAC is off on a motorcycle ride with some buddies. They're headin' down the Natchez Trace. He's audio bloggin' from the road, and includin' some history and such in his posts as well. No doubt he'll have a yarn or two to spin. If nothin' else you can get the pleasure and enjoyment of hearin' an authentic southron, who still talks like one.

I rode the Trace with him last year on the way home after we finished our Iron Butt ride. We saw some pretty cool stuff... for example... I learned that Buzzards eat other Buzzards... even other Buzzards that ain't all the way... or really even half-way dead yet.

You ever seen a fella on a bike kick a buzzard as he was goin' by at about 70?

Good Times.

Hell... We drank a beer in the bar where Jim Bowie gutted an ol' boy like a fish after the moron tried to shoot him in the back.

What more can a man ask for?

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