Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Not a Democracy

America is not a democracy... so says the ancient high school civics book... It's a Representative Republic!

I would have to point out... that that would be contengent on one's definition of the word "is". If "is" means a present state of being... then no. It is not a Representative Republic. If "is" means "was formed as" then the answer is yes... but today... right now... She's not a Republic.

She's some sort of bizarre bastardization of a good idea.

As I've written before... your vote is less than meaningless. It is in fact key to the very mechanism that enslaves you. You believe you have some sort of say in the government, therefore you happily muddle about, never questioning the true nature of the despotism perpetuated around you.

You want freedom?

Stop voting.

Lets examine shall we... how differently things would have gone had John Kerry been elected. What would be different today? Would we have a sealed southern border? Nope. In fact, we'd have a President calling volunteer citizens who help the border patrol vigilantes. Oh wait... We've got that now don't we?

Well... we'd have had a budget proposed that was fat with spending on all manner of poorly thought-out government programs. umm... We have that now don't we?

JUDGES!!! The Judges Kerry nominated would be aweful!

And don't Republican appointees have a glowing trackrecord? Methinks the late Mrs Shaivo would disagree... as would anyone who has ever had the misfortune of exposure to Sandra Day O'Connor and her traitorous bile.

You vote is less than meaningless...

Because you do not vote for those who make policy. Congress rights broad laws, and then leaves it to the alphabet agencies to implement those programs and laws. The specifics, are handled by beuracrat executives and other assorted inbreds.

You have no say. You vote, is nothing more than a fancy pair of handcuffs that keeps you in line, and even makes you happy about being in line... because hey... aren't your handcuffs pretty?

America will not change until the People change.

You must stop living your life as an employee. You must become self-suficient.

We must.

Stack your ammo. Clean the guns. Most importantly... Pray.

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