Monday, April 04, 2005

A Fine Big Brother

For months now... we've been telling Jeb that we were bringing him a baby. We always refered to the baby as his. We talked and talked at length about how he had to help take care of his little brother.

Of course... We should know by now how Jeb works...

I guess it was Saturday night... We were all in the playroom with Jeb. Julie brought little Eli in to see everyone. Jeb looked at him for a second...then walked over to the window seat, where we have all of his stuffed animals piled up.

He put his little finger to his lips... and thoughtfully "hmmm'd"... after a minute or two, he picked out a tiny camoflaged bear... the smallest animal there... and carried it over to Eli and put it on his stomach... patted his head, gave him a kiss, and went back to playing.

This was all sponteneous... and totally voluntary. So much for the jealously of the terrible two's.

about an hour later Eli had his first official melt-down. He was to tired to eat, and to hungry to sleep.. and we were gettin' it with both barrels. We were all making over Eli... tryin' every trick in the book to calm him down... and finally Julie and I retreated upstairs with him to try to calm him down and feed the little guy.

While we were up there... Mom noticed Jeb searchin' around the house. He was looking here and there... and finally he found that little camo bear. He snatched it up, and bolted for the stairs.

When we realized what was going on we took Eli to meet Jeb at the top of the stairs... beleive me.. for a two-year-old, climbing slick wooden stairs in sock-feet, while carryin' a precious package is no easy feet.

But he did it... and we knelt down so he could see Eli... and one more time.. Jeb patted him, gave him the bear, and kissed him...

And for some reason Eli stopped cryin'.

I know... it really didn't have anything to do with the bear... or Jeb... But in some cases the gesture counts anyways. Dammit.

I love that boy.

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