Thursday, April 21, 2005

Why Michigan Sucks

1) That stupid fight song.

2) People in Mexico are thankful. At least their roads are better than Michigan's.

3) People in New Jersey are thankful. Their taxes aren't as high as Michigan's.

4) That stupid fight song.

5) The ugliest, most poorly designed stadium in America.

6) The idiots in Michigan spend decades arguing with the idiots in Ohio, over the claim of a totally useless black swamp. They almost went to war over this, while the rest of the country laughed at them.

7) When the idiots from Ohio won the swamp, the idiots in Michigan were awarded the resource rich upper pennisula as compensation... and they were pissed about it... because they really liked that useless black swamp.

8) That stupid fight song.

9) Detroit.

10) The Red Wings

11) M&M

12) Michigan went Kerry.

13) Michigan also went Gore.

14) That stupid fight song.

15) Michigan Lefts. See... in Michigan... if you want to turn left... you actually have to turn right... and immediatly cross traffic into the far left lane... then do a U turn through more traffic. As opposed to.. you know... turning left.

16) In Michigan, a blinking red traffic signal means you can go when traffic clears. That's right folks... Red means go.

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