Tuesday, April 12, 2005


On a rare... very rare occasion a movie comes along that actually makes me think. Such was the case with one of my all-time favorite flicks... Frailty.

What I got to thinking was... How does a man of faith handle a direct order from God... to do something that he would otherwise deem as wrong or insane?

Christians are spiritual people... much as we sometimes try to hide it. So... put yourself in this situation;

You're asleep... dreaming of who knows what... when an Angel wakes you up. You know its an angel like you know 2+2=4. It just is. The angel tells you that Satan is loose, and has set demons on the earth. You are chosen to destroy them. He gives you specific and obvious instructions on what to do when, and how you will know them as demons. You will even be provided with weapons, and a list of demons to kill.

Now... Do you check yourself into a mental hospital? Do you disobey, and beg forgiveness? Or... is it time to buy a black duster?

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