Friday, April 15, 2005

ATF: Thanks

I was checkin' the snail mail the other day and I found a package from Maker's Mark. Sadly, it contained no bourbon... but no matter... the liquor cabinet is never in short supply. What it did contain was some info on a club that apparently someone nominated me for. I'm now an official Ambassador for Makers! In addition to several plush benefits, including our own private website, and access to the blogs of both the President (Bill Samuels) and those of the boys actually in charge of producing the stuff. Pretty cool eh?

HA! You've not even heard the best parts. There is now a barrell of Makers being produced, with my name on it! They send me updates on how its doing... on what stage of the process it's in... and when its ready, I'll get to buy bottles from it! Now... granted... I'm a bourbon dork... but to me... this is pretty much the coolest thing short of buying a whole barrell of whiskey intact. That's something they do with Jack Daniels... but as of today, no one else does it.

So anyway... to whomever submitted me for this, I really appreciate it. Thanks y'all.

Now... On to some more pressing matters...

Have any of you tried the Elijah Craig small batch? It's around 94 proof or so... aged 12 years?

Well do yourself a favor. Avoid it like the plague. The stuff makes ol' number 7 taste like God's Own Whiskey. The pricks who make it, just randomly pick barrels from their cheap whiskey warehouse... age it to long... mess around with the proof... then put it in a fancy bottle, and give it a fancy name. The bottle claims to be a product of the Elijah Craig distillery in Bardstown, KY... of course.... it's a funny thing... There ain't no such place. Hasn't been for years.

It's just an example of a big distillery renaming the same old swill and selling it for twice the price. Jerks.

For the record, there are only two distilleries out there that put their name on every label they produce; Wild Turkey, and Makers Mark.

I suggest that its likely no coincidence that the two, top to bottom, make the best booze in the world. See... Makers is just Makers. Every bottle tastes the same. It's all quality bourbon. There is no small batch version... hell... it's all small batch.. and it was small batch before small batch was cool.

As for Turkey... it doesn't matter if you get the cheapest bottle they make... it's still good bourbon. Now.. sure... they have Rare Breed, and Russel's Reserve... which are arguably the best you can get.. I'll take Bookers or Knob Creek myself... but hey... at that level, you're really splittin' hairs.

The trouble with Jim Beam... who makes Bookers, Bakers, Knob Creek, ect.... is that they also make plain ol' Jim Beam, and Jim Beam Black... Which frankly suck. Compared to standard Wild Turkey or Makers... they are swill. I mean.. they a few steps up from Scotch. Ya may as well drink Jack Daniels.

So anyway... If you're out and about... and your thinkin' of pickin' up some Elijah Craig, save your money. Grab some Makers Mark, and toss one back for ol' Nate. I get nothin' from them for sayin' this. I just like their product, and I want you to like your bourbon.

Now... Has anyone shot a Walther P99? I understand that they have 4 different trigger pull setups that you can buy... from a long heavy pull... to a short-light glock style, and two in between. This is pretty bizarre, and its the only firearm in the world engineered this way. Depending on the designation, you can fire four different P99's and they'll all feel radically different.

I lust for the P99 Quick Action. For all last week's boasting on the Springfield XD, I still haven't made up my mind. Ah well... I'll just have to try both. Pity ain't it?

Anyway... It's 1792 tonight... maybe some Jim Beam Black and Coke... God knows I won't waste the good whiskey on one.

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