Tuesday, April 05, 2005

First Ride '05

I got the call around 10am... it's sunny... really sunny. It's 73 degrees... In other words...

It was time to coax the big CBR outta hibernation.

A little tinkering here and there... and some charging on her battery... nothing intense. Around 3pm Curt pulled up on his new VTX 1800. It's a big "power" cruiser. I put the word power in quotes because well... such a word has no business being used in conjunction with the word "cruiser". A powerful cruiser is like polite yankee. That is to say... It's a myth.

Cruisers are about show... Not go. They rumble and skawk real loud... but when ya twist the go handle, you learn that you have enough there to smoke a car... but that's about it.

For perspective... Let me put it this way... Curts VTX has an 1800cc engine. My bike has a 998cc engine. He has damned near double my engine.

But I have more than double his horsepower, and almost as much torque.


So when you so them boys ridin' around looking cool on their choppers... remember this...

They're posing. They are out playin' dress-up... Just like 12 year-old girls, 'cept... instead of dressin' up like princesses... they're dressin' up as... well... ummm... queens.

Anyway... it was a gorgeous day... and I needed a ridin' buddy... so Curt would have to do... even if he was in bull-dyke-biker mode. I'm sure we made a pretty bizzare pair... me in my no-nonsense black ridin' gear... and him all dressed up, complete with a flamin' skull brain bucket.

I was embarrassed to be seen with him to be honest... but hell... What am I gonna do? He's got an Aprilia at home. If I give him to much crap he might not let me ride it!

Anyway... we took it easy. That is to say I only topped 125 twice. Once on accident, and once... well.. just because.

Anyway.... Pray for me... My wife got to go for a ride on that VTX a few months ago... and she loved it. She wants me to get a damned Cruiser. A cruiser... The motorcycle equivalent of walkin' around with a sock in your pants.

Leathers and a bike don't make you a biker. Hell... A cat might have kittens in the oven... but that don't make 'em biscuits.

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