Friday, April 08, 2005

The Do-Gooder Buzz

Is anything more irritating than the bleeding hearts who get their Cause of the Day from the emotional orgasm spawned from whatever Hollywood tripe they happened upon that weekend?

No doubt millions are up in arms over Hotel Rwanda. "We have to DO something!"

"DO something". That's what they always say. Of course... sending money is the only thing that qualifies as "doing something". A bleeding heart's emotional need to "do something" is purely selfish. They get the same do-gooder buzz, regardless of the effects of their actions. It doesn't matter if they in fact, made matters worse.

Let me relate in the form of a tale...

A liberal and Conservative are driving along, happily discussing their varied reasons for hating Bush, when they come upon a car wreck.

They stop, and immediate rush over to try to help. Near the wreck they find a man with a broken leg. Immediately the liberal squaks, "We have to do something... we have to do something!"

The conservative points out that they don't know the extent of his injuries. They shouldn't move him.

The liberal can't help himself anymore... "We have to do something! I know! Let's kick him!"

The conservative is aghast. He restrains the liberal until the paramedics arrive. But when they get there... the liberal immediately starts screaming that he tried to help the man, but the evil conservative prevented him. The paramedics then say nasty things about the conservative and go on about their business.

That's the way things work. Liberals will kill you for your own good, and do so with impunity. Hundereds of millions of Africans are dead, so liberals could get a do-gooder buzz from banning DDT.

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