Saturday, April 30, 2005

Derby Week

I love the Kentucky Derby. Ain't nuthin' like it. It's like... NASCAR with horses. For those of you unaware... get used to hearing the name "Bellamy Road". 2 reasons...

1) He's owned by George Steinbrenner

2) He's Fast.

Real fast. The three-year-old won his last two races by 15 and 17 lengths. These weren't dogs he was against either. That second one was the Wood Memorial. Smoke people. Smoke with 4 legs.

How's his heart though? He lead wire to wire in the Wood. He showed some fight when challenged at the first turn... but nobody had anything for him when he kicked just before the 4th.

Don't fret over distance on this bad boy either. If the Wood had another furlong or so, he'd have won by 20 lengths or more.

I don't have much doubt he'll be the favorite... and he may just be one of the few favorites that actually wins this deal. But don't go throwin' money around yet... It's a long week, and its a big field, with some big horses.

There's gonna be 20 in the gate when they open, and in a field that size, with so many good horses... well... it's gonna be a war. Might be the best derby in a decade.

We'll be talkin' about the rest of the field too... I just figured I'd start at the top. I don't want y'all to think I'm a bandwagon feller. So just remember... when everyone else jumps on the Bellamy Road... Ya read about him here first.

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