Friday, April 29, 2005

Ohio Sucks

Do you realize that in Ohio, if any member of your immediate family is convicted of drunk driving, then all members of the family must have a special yellow license plate on their cars? Think about that. You have 1 decent mixed drink... get pulled over on a "random" stop, and blow .09 (this is entirely possible) you have not even the slightest buzz... nor were you driving erraticly at all... but still... .09 is greater than .08, and therefore... You were legally drunk. Now your wife, and your 16 year old daughter have to have yellow license plates on their cars. Everyone at your daughters highschool... everyone at your wife's place of employment... everyone... will assume those two women are the killers of some innocent daughter of a M.A.D.D. mom.

Exactly the sort of thing we should expect from a bunch of moron yankees who fought and died to give a bunch of politicians in Washington the authority to boss them around.

There is probably a more deplorable state in the union than Ohio... and there are probably those slightly more useless than Buckeyes... but I can't think of either.

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