Monday, April 11, 2005


Man... Has the warm weather takin' a bite outta the blogosphere or what? Everyone's comments are down... most blogs are getting updated with decreasing frequency...

The sky is fallin'!

Well... ok... maybe it ain't that bad... just something I've noticed over the last couple weeks. No doubt it'll bounce back.

I can't speak for anyone else. But I for one just don't have time to blog much right now. I realize that's a pretty bizarre thing for a fella in my situation to say... but dammit, I've got an infant, a two-year-old, and a wife to take care of! And beyond that... Joy's here now... So I have requisite flirting quotas to meet as well.

The latest quandry I have is... what cruiser does a guy who doesn't really like cruisers buy? I mean... if money was no object... I'd go get a Victory 8-ball, and roll happily down the road. Unfortunately at least for another year... money is in fact an object.

All cruisers are underpowered says I... so should I get a 800 pound monstrosity that is less under-powered? Or should I simply thumb my nose at the cruiser world's most sacred cow... Displacement... and buy a cheap, well rounded, smaller bike?

I dig the new Suzuki M50, and the not so new Suzuki C50T. This bike is gonna see some interstate miles... so a windshield, bags, and backrest a for DrWho are required... would such things look wierd on that low and long M50? What about the VTX1300? But if I'm gonna go with the 1300... why not get the 1800 that's just 30 pounds heavier?

I really have no idea. I mean... Kawisaki and Yamaha both have legit options as well. I really don't want a vtx1800... in fact.. I really don't want a vtx1300 either... but if that's the best deal... that's what I'll do... Hell, I'll be tradin' it in a couple years anyway. Because rest assured... There is a Confederate Hellcat in my future.

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