Thursday, April 28, 2005

Unqualified Endorsement

It seems the most effective means of combating spy-ware, spam, and the various other bane's of the internet would be to simply make public the names of several of the bastards who curse us with their creation.

Would anyone defend these people? I dare say even the ACLU would have a few members in the lynch mob. I figure a public scourging, followed by a salt rub, and a lemon-juice bath should probably do the trick.

Until that fine day...

Microsoft is apparently well on the way to dealing with the matter itself. Program after program has been released boasting and puffing about being the best. In the end though... Who knows more about Windows than Microsoft?

There were some particularly evil examples of spy-ware on Julie's laptop, and I had tried everything. Well... everything but Norton's. Norton's is the devil. I'd rather have the spy-ware thanks.

Avast, Mcaffee's, Defender Pro, Ad-Aware, Spy-bot and several others all failed miserably. Sure... they got off the easy stuff. But they couldn't touch the big dogs.

Then Kristy's boy Dave loaded up the beta of Microsoft's antispy. ***POOF*** clean computer.

Not only did it remove the particularly nasty spy-ware that Spy-bot couldn't, it found several that they didn't even know where there, and removed them to. Lots of them tried to reinstall while they were being deleted, or on the reboot, and each and every time the anti-spy slapped them down.

If you run windows, get this, run it, and leave it running. Think of it as Kevlar for your PC.

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