Thursday, September 22, 2005

Those Will Not See

Bill opines:
"This wouldn't have happened if the government hadn't de-regulated airlines. It was probably global warming that caused the tires to catch on fire, and it's Bush's fault for using all the good planes to search for the missing WMD's in his blood-for-oil war in Iraq!"

Cute. You can almost see Bill walkin' around with his "Lets Go Elephants" shirt... waving his pom-pom. Bill's a Republican Fan see. He cheers for the red team. My next door neighbor on the other hand, is a Democrat Fan. She cheers for the blue team.

One is understandibly more excited than the other of course... as the Red Team is on a helluva win streak. After the last election, the red fans were waving brooms. SWEEP!

And girls and boys... this is what politics in America is reduced too. It's not about ideology, or goals, or changing policy. It's about who's team is winning.

On the left, The PowerPuff Girls over at MoveOn.ORG are all in a tissy, because the elected dems won't talk like the liberals they are. While Dora and her friends over at Powerline have the opposite problem... Their elected officials talk like conservatives while the government grows like Kudzu.

So... We're not in a New Deal Redux eh? Wasn't No Child Left Behind one of the largest spending bill of all time? And wasn't it topped by the Prescription Drug benefit? In fact, the PBD was the single largest spending bill ever.

But Dubya's a conservative! I know this because he gave us a little tax cut!

Conservative my ass.

This country hasn't had an effective conservative President in damned near 100 years. Reagen wasn't a conservative. Or if he was, he was a totally ineffective conservative. Ok... he appointed Scalia. Great. He also cancelled out Scalia's vote with that wench O'Connor. Like I said...

The government grows and grows... and conservatives ignore the fact that their team is no different from the other team.

But how can it be the same??? They cheer for the Red team. Those stupid democrats cheer for the blue team.

See? They're not the same. One's red, and one's blue.

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