Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fulmer Sucks

I hate him. I hate his moronic decision making... or should I say... total lack there of. I hate the fact that every one, at some time or another out coaches him... either in preparation or play calling.

The Tennessee D did exactly what I said it would do last night. Leak looked good in the first quarter, but soon the hits got the better of him. The boy was dazed through the rest of the game.

This is when any other coach would've been stepping on the throttle.

Time after time Florida came up with big plays... and time after time UT's D held them up. But in the end, it became painfully obvious that the D was gonna have to get that big turnover if UT wanted to win. They just didn't get it.

It's classic UT. Seemed like every time they gave the ball to Riggs he gained 9 yards. Then florida stops him a couple times, and that's it. UT stops running the ball. They start going with these bizarre flanker screens that just don't work in the SEC.

Days like today.... I just hate being a Tennessee fan.

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