Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Helluva Job Jet Blue

If you didn't see it tonight, Jet Blue Flight 292 had some landing gear problems. The front gear wouldn't raise, and the wheels themselves were locked perpendicular to the fuselage. They handled the situation as perfectly as it could be handled. The pilot knew there was a problem just seconds after take off. He did a flyby so the tower could get a look and see what was wrong. He then burned off fuel over the pacific, and landed it at LAX.

I think we all expected to see the gear snap off, but amazing it held. The tires burst into flames and burned away to nothing, but the gear just scraped on down the runway, and held just fine.

I wanna know how you perform when the shit hits the fan. Well... the shit hit the fan, and Jet Blue smoked it. Toss one back for 'em.

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