Friday, September 02, 2005

Open Letter to the Mayor of New Orleans

***Warning: Insanely Strong Language Below***

Dear Sir,

Fuck your whining. Fuck your pathetic uban take-care-of-me attitude. Fuck your city. Fuck the looters. Fuck rapists. Fuck the murders. Fuck the cops who're just as bad. Fuck the engineers that designed the levies. Fuck the politicians who sat on their hands and watched them break. Fuck builders who put neighborhoods in their shadows. Fuck the real estate agents who sold those houses. Fuck the morons that decided that living in a bowl next to one of the largest lakes in America was a good idea. Fuck your bitch governor and her crying fits. If either of you were worth a shit the worst of this could've been avoided.

Fuck the cesspool that was formerly known as New Orleans. And Fuck you.

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