Friday, September 23, 2005

Drink Up!

Gawd Amighty! We've been dealin' with these heavy... cantancerous type subjects to much... Where's the booze talk dammit?

I for one am sittin' here nursin' a Rollin' Rock. I know I know... The beer snobs out there are gonna turn up their collective noses. Piss on 'em. It's plain old pale beer. I like plain ol' pale beer. I like it just fine. No reason to pay all that extra money for that Sam Adams crap that I can't stand to drink.

That Sam Adams beer.... I notice its got all these different flavors... Flavors... in beer? Who in the blue hell wants flavored beer? Beer is a flavor dammit. Damn Boston yankees can shove that honey flavored mess straight up their summer brewed asses.

Corona. That's a beer dammit. Dos Equis. That's another one. Them mexicans.... two things they can do... Cut grass, and make beer. The music ain't bad either...

On the other fronts... another reader is buyin' a Springfield. This one is an XD... I want ya to know that every time someone buys a Springfield I put another notch on my belt. I take satisfaction in knowing that quality firearms are being distributed, and I'm aiding the process.

And how bout it? God has decided to do us the favor of washing what little filth that remains of New Orleans away... If that's not a smokin' occasion... what is?

How about that anyway? Everyone frettin' that New Orlean's would be hit again. That's about stupid. Everything on that coast is shit-canned. Who cares if it gets hit again?

What's the matter? You don't like your garbage flooded? No one is in New Orleans. Everything is already ruined there. Why wouldn't would want it to get the worst of the storm? What? You'd rather have another city totally trashed?

Good thinkin'!

Anyway... It's a good night to light up last cuban label up here... Done runned out... Ah well.. I'm gonna be paroled soon anyhow. May as well.

Whatcha Drinkin? Whatcha Smokin? Whatcha Carryin?

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